This is a page of links to useful and/or interesting places. I have only just set up this new version of my website and will be adding to these links when I can.


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           Brief Lives

           The Beautiful Lie

           Webcam Sonnet 4: Now


Seren Books (my publisher)


My page in the Poetry Archive

An interview on Chris Rice Cooper's blog


Words Unlimited interview - an interview I did in June 2014 on Pam Johnson's writing blog


Wah interview - an archived interview I did a long time ago for Sue Tordoff


Names Was Made to be Spoke -  an essay on the use of naming in the poems of Glyn Wright and George Mackay Brown



Some poems of mine online


Students  often ask where they can find this or that poem online. Often as not, you can't; you'll have to go and find a book! But these are some I know about online as of July 2014. There are also several at my page in the Poetry Archive,  which is probably the best single place to try. And there are lots of contemporary poems by all manner of poets online at the Poetry Magazines website, but you have to hunt for them! Luckily there's a search facility.


Blue - at the Island Review website


Blue Plaque and Memorial Bench - at the George Mackay Brown website

Do you think we'll ever get to see earth, sir? - at the Guardian website


Envying Owen Beattie - at the Forward Arts Foundation website


Extremophile - at the Guardian website

Extremophile - also at Louisa Campbell's blog


Footnote - at the Island Review website


La Catalana - at The Stare's Nest website


Missing Scenes - at the Poetry Magazines website


Postcard - at the Poetry Magazines website


Terra Nova - at the Wales Arts Review website


The Beautiful Lie - at the Wondering Minstrels website


The Eye - at the Scottish Poetry Library website


The Lit Room - at the Poetry Magazines website


The Movement of Bodies - at the Guardian website


Toast - at the Cardiff International poetry competition website


Travelling with Ashes - at the Edwin Morgan poetry competition website





Sam Burns
Blog of my daughter the playwright

Catherine Fisher
Powerful poems and spinechilling fantasy YA novels.


Matthew Francis

Poet and novelist, teaching in Aberystwyth.

Paul Henry
Another fine Welsh poet.

Christopher Meredith
Welsh novelist and poet. 


Andrew Craig Williams
Young Welsh writer.